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Steven Glaros and Associates Law Offices are divorce lawyers in Tampa,Fl that care. If you are looking for a Tampa fl family attorney, you have found the right match.

Tampa Family Law Attorney

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Steven Glaros & Associates Law Offices is a Tampa Divorce Lawyer that takes the time to learn about your family law case in full and can provide the one on one consultation that you are looking for. Since our family law field is so competitive in here in the bay, we have formulated a different, more intimate approach to Tampa Florida family law. When looking for Tampa Bay Attorneys and a divorce lawyer to handle your case, we understand your concern for discretion in this matter, and that this can be a sensitive and very private subject in your personal lives. 


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When looking for a Tampa divorce lawyer, we understand your concern for discretion in this matter, and that this can be a sensitive and very private subject in your personal lives. If you are having child support and custody problems, domestic violence issues, or just want divorce attorneys in Tampa, Fl that have the experience to win cases, then the offices of Steven Glaros & Associates Law Offices can take care of your family law in Tampa, Fl with a quick phone call. You can reach us at : 13513 Prestige Place, Tampa, Florida 33635, Phone: 813-854-1234. If you want a Tampa divorce lawyer that is going to review your case and give you the personal one on one approach, we are just a phone call away.

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Tampa Divorce Attorneys

We all know these are difficult and troubled times in the economy and market. Many of our businesses have faced adversity and challenges we cannot overcome which sometimes leads to significant changes within family households and can possibly lead to divorce. Steven Glaros & Associates Law Offices are the "Tampa Divorce Attorney" you have been looking for because our experience in handling Florida Family Law is unparalleled. We can’t think of anyone that is looking forward to a divorce but couples need to be prepared and know the signs of one before it happens. Our divorce attorneys here in Tampa are dedicated to keeping and preserving each of our clients assets, accounts, income, and special interests during the entire divorce procedure.

At Steven Glaros & Associates Law Offices, we accept many cases involving family law and divorce which include but not limited to : family law, divorce, child support and alimony cases, child custody, parental responsibilities, custody and visitation, as well as marital property division. As you can see, we are not just divorce attorneys that only accept large cases involving divorce, but that we address the many different types of issues related to divorce law and Florida family law.

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While many of these problems mentioned above can be confusing, many of the issues you hire Tampa fl divorce attorneys for can be resolved just by sitting down and discussing the different matters in a professional setting. With that being said, your divorce attorney can be a mediator between the two parties when tensions get out of hand and decisions need to be made quickly. Having the right divorce lawyer can actually save you and your family a great deal of stress, pain ,and financial expense.

Family law matters, which our Firm addresses, include dissolution of marriage (divorce), post judgment modification of divorce decrees (modification actions), paternity actions, the preparation of prenuptial and post nuptial agreements and actions to require one of the parties to a divorce to comply with the terms of the Final Judgment (enforcement actions).

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