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Genesis offers the best paintball fields in Tampa including our one of a kind speedball field. We have the most extreme paintball tournaments in the Tampa Bay Area.

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Genesis Paintball was formed because we wanted to create the finest paintball fileds Tampa has to offer and to attract honest and clean paintball play. Genesis Paintball Field offers many things that most paintball fields in Tampa do not, and that includes a state of the art speed ball field with the most unbelievable astro turf around. Not only do we have the very rare turf field but we also have a very intimate woodsball field in Tampa where you are sure to encounter your enemy at every bunker. Paintball Coupons in Tampa and all around Tampa Bay will be offered monthly on this site. Genesis Paintball is the go to paintball field for savings and discounts on all day paintball play, paintballs, paintball gun gear, and other paintballing related stuff. Are you a baller? Bring your "A" game...


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If you really want to paintball Tampa then you need to visit Genesis paintball where the pros as well as amateurs play. This field requires precision and great skill so leave your tears at the door! Well thought of and organized paintball tournament in Tampa are not easy to come by if you’re an extreme paintballer. Give us a call today to set up your team or corporate event in Tampa and be ready to be blown away by the quality of the staff and true professionalism of our unique paintball company. Tampa paintball is very competitive so please visit us to see why we are currently ranked as the best paintball field in Tampa. If you are looking for paintball coupons Tampa and paintball discounts around Tampa Bay Area then you have come to the right place. Click on the coupon above to redeem for FREE!. If you want to get on the monthly coupon newsletter to save on PAINTBALL TAMPA field play, paintball guns, paintball gear, paint for your guns, air, and other paintball accessories, please click below to get your name on the exclusive Genesis Paintball Tampa list.




Paintball Birthday Parties

You don’t have to be an extreme paintballer to enjoy to intensity of being on the best paintball field in Tampa. When it comes to Paintball Tampa has many options but nothing compares to the options Genesis gives you. There is nothing better than some good clean competition while paintballing with your work staff.Call us today to set up a corporate event or paintball tournament to let out all the stress of a long business day while in Tampa. We even can set up a day for a state of the art birthday party with our 40’ x 40’ covered tent facility. We have refreshments and energizing food to keep your exciting day going. Did we mention that a lot of our grounds are shaded! Make sure to keep checking this site for paintball coupons tampa and all paintball coupons in Tampa Bay. Saving money on discounts for paintball field games can't get any sweeter with our monthly coupon offers and savings.

Paintball Games and More

  • 1 2009 xball field in Tampa with astro turf
  • 1 woodsball/scenario field (Wooden Forts, Trenches,Walls)
  • 40’ x 40’ Staging Area with Full Shade
  • Tents For Viewing Games
  • Compressed air fills (3k and 45k)

These are bar none the best paintball fields in Tampa and the location that all the paintballers are talking about! Dude!...What are you waiting for? Come and check out our paintball facilities for yourself! Better bring your "A" game CHUMP!